Ukelele Mantra Event Online €44

Hello beautiful you!

How nice that you are interested in the online ukulele mantra event!
The event where you will learn 3 new mantras that remain unique to the online community! 
They are not on you tube.

The dates for this event are: Wednesday 3 - 17 - 31 May.
It start's at 19.30 CET time by zoom.

The duration will be between 60 and 90 minutes.

The contribution for this event is only 44 euro's!

The event will continue if there are enough registrations (minimum 10).
You can buy your ticket here below!

And pay attention! 
Especially for you, as a thank you, there is also a FREE BONUS Q&A MEETING on June 17th.
Here you can ask all questions regarding the learned mantras or whatever!

Let's play together, connect and have fun!
Let the love and the light shine together!

Will I see you in May?

Until then! I am looking forward!

Much Love,