About Sunita

My name is Prem Sunita. In 2018 I started playing the ukulele.
That adventure started when a friend of mine sold her house.
She wanted to minimize in stuff and got rid of her ukulele, among other things. She thought of me, as I had just started taking guitar lessons.

To be honest I didn't like the small instrument. I told her that honestly.
She indicated that if I didn't want it, she would throw the ukulele away.
I thought that was a shame and then said YES to her offer. And so the ukulele was brought to me.

After she brought the uke this one (seriously) been in the closet for 1.5 years. Just when I thought 'let me get rid of the instrument', a spiritual magazine was delivered. It contained an interview with a musician who played the ukulele and gave workshops in learning to play mantras on the ukulele. My interest was piqued and I decided to give the small instrument a chance and called her for a workshop mantra on the uke!

At that time, mantras had just crossed my path.
I visited the Gayatri festival of Deva Premal and Miten every year, as well as their concerts.The mantras brought me healing. I needed this healing to feel better in my own skin and mind. 2017/2018 was a tough year for me. Both with my physical and mental health.

The woman, who organized the uke & mantra worksop, and I had been talking on the phone for almost an hour, as she had been through much the same as me and the ukulele had helped her recover. Recognition was there.

Synchronicity? Coincidence? Sent by the universe? Who will say. In any case, I decided to go to the workshop and from that moment on I was uked!

I started playing the mantras on the ukulele. Friends were inspired and also bought a uke. They asked me if I could teach them some mantras on the ukelele, because there was so little to be found at that time. And so my journey started and I started a YouTube channel for my foreign and Dutch friends.

I never thought that so many people worldwide would end up on my channel. It was never the plan to do this, it just happened naturally. Life brought the ukulele and mantras on my path. And I am grateful for this to this day, as it brings joy to me and many other people and shines the light on the world and in myself.

Maybe i see you one day on a private class or workshop to shine our lights together!

I hope the mantras and the ukulele will bring you as much joy and healing as it has brought me.

Much love and light,