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Welcome @ Prem Sunita.
The place where you learn to play mantras on the Ukulele!
Do you enjoy chanting mantras or are you curious about it?
Then visit Sunita's youtube channel.
And do you want to accompany yourself, even if you have never played an instrument? Then you are more than welcome to book a workshop (U'ked there), private or group lesson at Sunita.

On this website you will find different packages to get uked!
From tutorials to a songbook! Scroll around and see what suits you!

In addition to being a ukulele teacher, Prem Sunita is also the publisher of the children's book Horizon Stories. This book is for sale via this website.


Prem Sunita is the publisher of the Dutch Children's Book Horizon Stories. This book contains 12 thematic stories with relaxing exercises. The stories were used by Esther de Greef during her coachsessions and children's yoga classes.

The book is named after the author's father. He called himself the Horizonman.
Hence the title Horizon Stories.

He felt that these stories should travel the world. He made his journey to heaven in 2015. There far beyond the horizon.