Foot Reflexology Basic

Foot Reflexology Basic

A unique journey to inner balance and well-being.

Pure Relaxation with Foot Reflex Massage.

Give yourself a moment of complete relaxation with our Foot Reflex Massage. Let go of all your worries as we pamper your feet with a soothing massage and calming music.

Our treatment includes:
-45 minutes of blissful foot massage
-Time to peacefully unwind
-A refreshing drink to leave you feeling rejuvenated and help remove toxins

This is pure enjoyment without conversations or profound insights. Only €60 for complete indulgence.

Looking for more than just relaxation? Need some insights?Experience our Foot Reflex Plus Treatment, where we delve deeper into what your feet and body are trying to tell you.

In this treatment, we offer coaching sessions and explanations about the signals we pick up. These conversations may happen during or after the treatment, but always with respect for your deep relaxation.

You have the opportunity to discuss the insights and ask any questions afterward with this treatment.

90 min. voor €95

What customers say

This treatment is better than the psychologist! I have received so many insights and I am going home recharged and relaxed!


Esther senses through her foot where there is an imbalance in the body and what emotion is hidden underneath. I have been able to let go of a lot and gain insights.

This is more than an ordinary massage. I felt my energy recharge, I was able to allow and release sadness, which was deep and causing tension, and that was very healing and enlightening for me.